Monday, January 5, 2009

A blast from the past

[I'm apply good recycling principles and using previous projects]

In honor of the additional 6+ inches of blowing, drifting snow just added last night to the unseasonably (or is that unreasonably?) large accumulations we are currently enjoying -- that last word typed with tongue firmly planted in cheek -- I share a paper filigree frame design first created in 2003, titled

Snow Flurry

It just seems appropriate.

I loved painting this design. I enjoy dabbling with acrylics and somehow managed to capture a blustery feeling with my meager painting skills.

And I share one more aptly themed frame design from 2003 entitled

It also features a painted background, but has a more whimsical flavor than my usual paper filigree style. The trees are painted, but the sun, birds and sled are paper filigree.

This exuberant frame was gifted to my fun-loving younger sis, 'Buggie' named because
a) she HATES bugs and
b) she wanted a more original name than 'Aunt Lisa' when my children were young.

- as opposed to 'ant' - was the perfect alternative. Soon the rest of my sibs and nieces/nephews had adopted the new name and it still sticks.

Don'cha just love nicknames that take on a life of their own?

I'd love to hear about yours!

And I hope you enjoy whatever surprises the day holds for you. I was hoping mine won't include any more snow, but a glance out the window confirms that was a vain hope indeed.

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I'm Toni said...

Hey Paula,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my quilled dogs.
I like your snowy frames - very cute! I like mixing painting with my quilling, too.
Have a nice day - stay warm!