Monday, December 31, 2007


Been a bit since I posted...the holiday rush hit us hard this year. Placed several desperate SOS calls to hubby and eldest to pick up 4 more lbs of butter (we actually ran out in the middle of baking!) or another 10 lb bag of flour (also ran out). Have NEVER been so unprepared! We made it through, but it sure added to the frazzle of preparations.

Below are versions of the gift cards we attached to 15 plates of Christmas cookies shared around the neighborhood. We bake up a storm nearly every year, but this year we gave it all way (except for 3 platters for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve). It is fun to share our holiday fav's with others...and I am amazed at how many people commented that they don't do Christmas baking any more! The kids and I can't imagine the holidays without festive cookies to nibble and share with others.

This card was a knock-off of one Susannah designed for the November Card Party at Paper Pals. We have LOVED these creative nights out together and have picked up lots of creative ideas and been forced to come up with fun designs to share. It certainly helps keep us out of a rut.

Our snowflake cards use a Reminisce paper brand design called "Snowglobe". It was a nice pattern, with the unexpected detail of brown distress marks that really appealed to us.

Snowflakes were embossed on a shimmery vellum, then ripped out and paired with a light blue parchment square to dangled loose under the ribbon.

We ran out of paper for the background, so we had to use leftover pieces to create variations. This one turned out okay.
But we soon ran out of bigger pieces, too, and had to resort to a third variation to get all our cards made.

I actually prefer this one best of all three. I like the big expanse of white because it makes the dangle tag 'pop' more. I suspect it uses the Rule of Thirds, which is why I find it the most interesting and appealing.

After all the bustle and preparations,
post holiday let-down hit harder than usual.

That old David Bowie song 'Changes' has been playing like a soundtrack in my head.

Giving up traditions is hard. Bending and accepting change is usually uncomfortable... sometimes painful.

But one must eventually 'turn and face the strain.' That particular phrase is so spot-on I have to clench down on my emotions to prevent a major 'WAH' session! Change almost always involves strain, doesn't it? Part of you yearning for the old way, and part of you looking forward to the new adventure, and both views playing tug o'war in your brain.

"Time may change me, but I can't trace time."

So much for post-holiday musing.

Where's some chocolate?

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Rosie said...

The only thing constant in life is change. Happy New Year duck..