Friday, January 25, 2008

Whipping out place cards

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My SIL delegated to me the task of decorating tables for my nephew's wedding rehearsal dinner. Yesterday morning, I suddenly decided I didn't have nearly enough stress in my life and determined to create 32 placecards and 17 tablecards for dinner that night. (I still have the flower girl dresses to hem, but hey...that's what Friday is for!) I'm so thankful for Jacob (16) and Susannah (14) and their excellent attitudes and assistance! At 11:00 am we kicked it into gear and set up an assembly line, with less than 4 hours to get these whipped out. Though I had some folded roses pre-made, I was short over 70. Greens had to be punched, tendrils had to be formed and everything had to be glued together into a lovely whole. The place cards were vellum and were created with my printer...after a lot of trial and error to figure out the best way to feed them. The table cards were stamped with my new flourish stamps and the Fiskars stamp press...just set it up and Jacob whipped out 17 cards in short order, though the center didn't imprint as well as the edges on these paneled cards. It didn't matter as much, since the vellum insert covered the center anyway. Fed the white vellum into my printer in 12"x4" sheets - 4 to a page, which were then cut to size and mounted with glue dots at the top, and embellished with a similar rose motif used on the placecard, but with all large roses. (Man, but vellum smears at the slightest nudge when fresh from the printer!)

Turned out pretty swell for a slap-dash project and added a lovely touch of elegance to the tables. Many of the guests brought theirs home, which is always a nice compliment! I saved the cards left behind and will 'pirate' the rose motif off those for some other occasion. That is the other advantage to using vellum....the pieces actually can be peeled off without too much trouble.
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Rosie said...

Paula my duck, that is one heck of a team you have there! Everything looks wonderful, and only you could have done such an amazing job in such a short space of time. Well done Team Bauer!
love Rosie x

GemStateMom said...

Thanks Rosie,
Couldn't have done it without my gang...they really know how to pitch in! It helped that the roses using 1/8" wide paper were already made, else there is no way we could pulled this off!

Karen said...

Wow Paula - you gals have been busy! Beautiful work!!

GemStateMom said...

Thanks, Karen! These unplanned projects have a way of 'injecting' themselves into life, don't they?

Wendy said...

you're amazing!...and perhaps a bit crazy to take on such a task on such short notice, but I'm sure the attendees and wedding party were stunned by your skills. Beautiful stuff...(although still to delicate for these big paws to do, so I'll stand back and admire FROM A DISTANCE :) )

GemStateMom said...

Wendy, thank you...and I think I have a perfect solution for you. If you are at the Feb. card party in Moscow, I'll show you what I have in mind in my next attempt to get you 'hooked'!

speaking of which, I'd better call and sign up!