Friday, April 4, 2008

Thanks Abbie!

Not only did she surprise me yesterday with a lovely post featuring my paper filigree work, today she shared several vintage graphics...freebies to download. Please stop by to pay her a visit (just click on the title and it will whisk you right over!)

And a warm welcome to all those coming by for a peek at Abbie's urging. You will have to page down a few entries to get to samples of my work. Or you can visit my website and look through my galleries there. Please email or leave a comment if you have an idea for something and want to consult with me on the possibilities.

You are a gem, glad I met you on Etsy!

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Rhondi said...

Hi Paula. I am here because Abbie mentioned you in her blog and I was on Abbie's blog because thriugha comment she leftg on another blog. Just surfing through blogland instead of getting getting started on my day. Your quilling is really interesting. It's a craft I haven't seen too often. I scrolled down and looked at some of your work. I love it. Glad to meet you.