Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vintage Father's Day card

My dear friend and fellow paper filigree artist, Heidi Bishop, once created a card featuring a filigree fly fishing lure. I had to try my hand at it, and created this thank you card. Don't you think it would make an excellent Father's Day card?

The small piece of paper with vintage fishing logos/labels seemed the perfect thing to pair with the lure.

I found a photo of a Royal Coachman Bucktail lure (photo source)
Creating the hook was time consuming and the entire fly took a good deal of fussing and precision. You can see my duplication efforts below...remember that I was working totally with paper and glue! It required some very, very fine fringing.

The most difficult part was creating the cursive lettering though...was nearly tearing my hair out to get the curves and sizing even and to get the paper to hold its shape long enough to get it mounted!

However, the resulting masculine paper filigree card was worth the effort.

Few guys get excited over floral cards, but boy-howdy do eyes light up when they spy anything to do with angling. And when they discover it's created from paper by lil' ol' you, it might leave them slack-jawed and speechless!


Ruth Welter said...

Paula, this card came out just beautifully!! I think any father who is into fishing, would love this card on Father's Day. Your lettering looks wonderful too, I would never have guessed from looking at it, that you struggled with it. Wonderful presentation.

GemStateMom said...

Thanks, Ruth! If I could do it over again, I probably would have added more layers for interest, but I ran out of time.

thanks for stopping by!