Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BooHoo-ing over my stupidity

I just got a phone call from the computer tech 4 gig flash drive is shot...and worse, they cannot recover the data.

And it's not just any data....4 years of pictures.

Yes, I know. I should have burned them to CD or had them someplace else. Actually, this was my 'someplace else' I thought the flashdrive was 'safe' and felt good that if my hard drive crashed, at least my precious family photos would be protected. Of course, I just wiped my computer recently but probably wouldn't have reloaded them anyway. Stupid.

News flash....flash drives are not 'safe'...apparently they have a pretty high failure rate.

As the tech guy drilled in to me...the magic number is 'two' not one. Two places for all important data. Two.

Just thought I'd share the info to prevent someone else having to learn the hard way.

Really feeling devastated by this loss, on top of everything else.

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