Monday, December 3, 2007

First post about a great find!

I just purchased some mid-1800's hand-made lace to trim the wallpaper fans I am creating for the historic McConnell Mansion in Moscow, Idaho. On each fan I am adding a small paper filigree rose motif, a reflection of the popular artistic pastime practiced by many Victorian women. The wallpaper remnants are left from the formal parlor when the Latah Historical Society restored it. I finished 6 large fans that are already on the large Christmas tree and am working on small ones for the gift shop.

Very excited to have period-authentic trim for these ornaments!

I soon hope to share photos of the current projects, along with news of my classes, various tips and tidbits, and general musings about the creative process in general.

I also have a website, It shows my work from 2004 to present, but it is not kept current (too hard to edit and keep content fresh).

Aren't blogs the bomb?

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Karen said...

Hi Paula! Can't wait to see what you put on your new blog!