Saturday, December 8, 2007

McConnell Mansion Christmas Tree

So, the party was wonderful - many kudos to the director and staff of Latah County Historical Society and all their volunteers. My Littles had a fabulous time making tags and cards and just soaking in the atmosphere of the old home. Here is a pic of the tree. The small round things were roses made from crepe paper. I wish I would have taken a close-up of them.

Here is a close up of the fans I made. The papers for the roses were chalked and tea-dipped to achieve the same tones as the wallpaper.

And here is one version of the paper filigree snowflakes.

And the display in the Gift Shop.

And finally, here is a future project idea....a filigree brooch. I stopped by the grocery store on my way home, and the kind woman demo-ing some cake mixes allowed me to snap a picture of her festive bell pin. I will omit rhinestones, but I can envision this in beautiful white paper with a silvered edge or maybe in a darker color like black or deep blue, with gilded edges.

Which just goes to prove, you never know where you'll be when inspiration grabs you!


Karen said...

Great job Paula - your fans are so pretty.

Wendy said...

Those ornaments are beautiful. Very delicate. I was thinking about you the other day. There was a card in one of my magazines that featured a new year's card with quilled chapagne bottle and glasses.

GemStateMom said...

Thank you Karen and was a satisfying project to work on!

Wendy, I have two friends, Ann Martin and Licia Politis (an Aussie) who recently had quilled designs published in paper art/cardmaking magazines. Those who have been 'captivated' by the art form love it when paper filigree designs gain a broader audience!

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