Saturday, February 16, 2008

February Quilling Club - Fringed Flowers

I really enjoy our monthly meetings and the delightful ladies who are so eager to learn and try new things! It's a fun evening out!

This technique is a great one and creates amazing flowers with loads of variations. We will cover five different styles:

- pom and 2-color variations

- fringed with center and 2-color variations

- angle fringed (a la Jane Jenkins)

- zinnia fringed

- scatter mum fringed (a la Polly Wiggins)

Plus, I'll share ways to add extra pizazz to these snazzy beauties...and of course provide a special bonus for all participants. Can't forget the 'freebies' !

Class meets at Paper Pals on Monday, February 18 from 6:30 - 8:30. Call Karen at 208-883-4287 to hold your place. Class fee - $10 plus card supplies to make a similar card. Bring your glue, quilling tools, sharp scissors and 3/8" wide quilling strips from previous classes.

The card below features a 2.5" diameter 'scatter mum' fringed flower paired with layers of beautiful Bazzill card in Admiral, Black Orchid and Smokey.

The large fabric flowers are a fun and fabulous addition to cards. Now you can learn how to create your own large flowers from paper in whatever color or pattern you want.

Come join me for an evening of creative fun!


elgiffor said...

Sure wish I lived in your area so I could attend your classes! I could learn so much from everyone there I'm sure.

Lady of the Manor said...

Amazing how many variations on fringing flowers. I think my fav is the angled one. Have you tried tinting the fringe? I watercolor or chalk the paper strip before fringing. It is a very subtle effect. :)

GemStateMom said...

Looks like I may be able to bring some of the instruction to you! Stay tuned!

LoftheM - I have chalked/tinted the fringe, just didn't show that in the sample photos. It is a lovely effect!