Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Anyone interested?

I'm back - I think.
A prolonged recovery from a dislocated right shoulder, the continual rain/snow/gray days, and painful memories linked to this time of year managed to sink me into a major 'funk'. But I am making an effort to regain my stride and am feeling more cheered today, despite the white stuff falling furiously outside my window. Where or where IS spring anyway....or at least some sunshine!!

I just received a recent purchase of some fab papers from a simply lovely Etsy seller, whom I sense is (in the words of Anne Shirley of Green Gables fame -- a fav heroine of all 5 females in this family) 'a kindred spirit.' Here's a shout-out to Damsel Designs!

Another reason for my buoyed spirits was several recent orders of patterns, with accompanying compliments about my designs (always lovely to hear) along with a request to purchase my monthly class project kits. I hadn't even considered offering a project kit, but I would love to do so! But what I am needing to know is if there is widespread interest in this, and also to determine interest level in past classes. Please post a comment and let me know if you would be interested in:

  1. a monthly kit including specific supplies needed (estimate $10-15 depending on project supplies, and would not include basic quilling tools, glue, scissors, etc.)
  2. simply receiving the class Handouts (via email) and supplying your own materials. I usually write 2-4 pages with instructions, photos, tips and variation ideas. (Estimate $4 depending on number of pages/photos)
  3. a DVD showing all or relevant portions of the class - not sure how involved this will be so am unsure of a cost-- tentative estimate of $15/class, depending on costs of blank DVD's, editing time and time required to burn them). My classes are 2 hours long, but some of that time is spent circulating around offering specific assistance/encouragement while the ladies work.
  4. If there are any past classes you would be interested in. They include:
I am picking up supplies to make a Fringed Flower kit this afternoon, so will have a more accurate price soon.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, and I've noticed a few new subscribers....Welcome! Don't be afraid to say hi and introduce yourselves. Bloggers love to hear from their visitors - it helps motivate us to keep posting!


elgiffor said...

I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder and your funk. I know what it's like to be in a funk and it's just no fun.

I think I would be interested in a DVD of your fringed flower class if the price was reasonable. Otherwise I would take the class handouts.

Keep telling yourself the sun is gonna come out tomorrow, tomorrow (singing this of course!) (:-)

Quiller from Arkansas

GemStateMom said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement and your response. Am working on the project now and will post more details when I get them all hashed out. Am excited about this new emphasis!

thebeloved said...

Hi! I read your stuff about your classes and I am jealous. I happen to be a paper fanatic myself--even just the smell of it! Unfortunately, that is a hobby I have had to sacrifice for the most part. Plus, there is so little quality paper here. Thanks for popping by on my blog. I also looked at your November: Snowflakes link and saw the picture. It was so neat! Did you use paper for that? It reminds me of the one that I brought home from Munich for my mom that was made out of thin wood...they had so many with all sorts of things. Anyway, maybe when I am in the States this summer I can have you teach me how to make that. Blessings!

Linda said...

Just linked to your blog. Glad to find you here and at etsy. Stop by and say hi.