Wednesday, April 16, 2008

blogging sans camera's been gone for weeks. Sent off for repairs.

I borrow eldest's when I can, would hog it if I could, but she needed it back.
Even with my poorly developed photographic skills, (pun!) I find the state of camera-lessness highly restrictive. No before-and-after photos of our "extreme yard clean" episode on Saturday (I fear the snowball bush will never recover from the haircut we administered) nor of my crew in their tireless sod-hopping efforts, nor my giant husband extracting shrubs with the ease of Paul Bunyan.

My blog without photos = a 'blah-g.'

So, I dug out my old photo albums to find this shot of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox from 1983.

Paul Bunyan is a world-famous mascot/icon from my hometown of Bemidji, Minnesota.

I snapped this when I introduced Paul to my boyfriend of 5 months (destined to become hubby 2.5 years later).

To lend some sense of ol' Paul's size, BJ ("Big J-name") is 6'8". Paul is one of the rare men that BJ looks up to.

Searching for appropriate photos on the 'net is time consuming, but I did discover a great free stock photo website called Stock.xchg Check it out!


Sonya said...

Hi Paula,

I have that same picture from a few years ago when I and friend, who had a lake house in Walker MN, had to go and clean it out to sell it (much to her sorrow). We would drive into Bemidji often! Only the trees were larger! I loved MN especially the COOL air which we do not have that often here!

Paula Bauer said...

I have an aunt who lives in Walker!

When I think of MN, I do NOT think of cool air, I think of steamy humid days and damp, balmy nights...and mosquitoes!

I guess, compared to TX in the summer, MN would seem cooler!!

thanks so much for the visit and comment!

Rhondi said...

Hi Paula I've been to Bemidji and seen Paul Bunyan. My husband has family in Fisher MN, a little town near Crookston if you know where that is. Every summer they would go to spend the summer on the farm driving through Bemidji on the way. He will be thrilled when I tell him you were born there. Actually I think his grandpa was born there also!
Hope that spring comes soon for you :)
Rhondi xo

Paula Bauer said...

Rhondi...this just gets more amusing! I dated a boy from Crookston (went to his senior prom) and had a 4-H friend from Fisher.
"It's a small world after all... "

Now wouldn't it be a hoot if my family knew your hubby's grandpa? LOL

Suzanne said...

Paul Bunyan - one of my favorites! But we hung out at the Paul Bunyan restaurant somewhere in Wisconsin. I can't remember where but I do remember the mountains of pancakes and bacon. WOW. What a cool photo.