Friday, April 25, 2008

In Honor of Poetry Month

I didn't realize that April was poetry month...that's how uninformed I am. Thanks to Toni at 3AM Designs for giving me a clue!

I currently prefer to write prose vs. poetry. Poetry was something I did in my angst-y teenage years. But a few years ago I discovered an on-line website for the great refrigerator magnetic poetry packs. Surely you've all seen them, right?

I used the "Artist" kit and had loads of fun creating the following poem (obviously some of my teenage angst is still with me!). Because you can only use the words provided in the kit, it demands a bit of creative twisting in order to find a word that conveys your intent. Soon after I posted it to the poetry forum on the website, the company selected it as their 'poem of the week' and gave it front-page exposure. What a hoot...I guess that was my fabled 15 minutes of fame!
So, in honor of Poetry Month, I give you....

Reflections on Modern 'Art'

You fashion a latex rhythm,

then meanly break harmony



...and imagine it a masterpiece.

(poem by Paula Bauer 9/04 using Magnetic Poetry Artist Kit; 'artwork' also by of one of my paper filigree designs seriously messed up with photo editor!)

Grrrr...I have given up trying to format my poem the way it is supposed to look. Blogger refuses to insert tabs where I need them!

Have fun playing with mag-po - why not share a poetic creation in the comments section...
I dare you!

Tomorrow: May Quilling Club sneak peak!
C'mon back and see how much fun I had with my Father's Day design!


I'm Toni said...

Your little one obviously has musical taste! or is going to grow up to be a UNC fan!

Thanks for stopping by and posting.

I've been writing poetry since my teens, and most of it is considered "dark," but here's one that I did for an assignment one time. The topic was "monotony."

Life inside a ping pong ball,
It’s no fun if it’s fun at all.
Up to the ceiling,
Down to the floor,
Then we do it all once more.

Back again soon...


Paula Bauer said...

What a great depiction of monotony! I feel similarly about tennis...though I know it captivates millions, it is not my ideal spectator sport.

thanks for sharing your poem.