Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am still trying to determine if netiquette requires one to respond to comments on one's own blog or on the commenter's blog...or does it even matter?

It seems right unneighborly not to acknowledge comments -- like driving past someone on a country road and not lifting your hand in greeting! But it also seems inappropriate to inject your response into the comment section of someone's post that has nothing whatever to do with the content of your post or comment!!

I have a 'blogging without obligation' logo up...

...maybe I need a 'commenting without obligation' logo too.


Stefani said...

I answer questions posed in my comments, in my own comments section. I never know if people check back or not. If I know the person and really want them to know the answer, I'll sometimes copy and paste the answer into an email.

I rarely ask questions in other people's comments sections but once in a while I will check back, if it's a subject I'm keenly interested in, just to see if anyone has commented on my comment.

Whew, this is making me dizzy!

GemStateMom said...

I know...and I manage to make it all the more complicated, it seems.

I do like that some blogs have a little box to check if you want subsequent comments emailed to you. Simplifies the process of keeping track of comments on a post that piques your interest.

Thanks for your input, Stefani.