Monday, April 28, 2008

I've been 'branded' a GN


I fear my carefree life of blogging is done...kaput...over before I've barely begun.

My few readers are doubtless wondering what has brought this on.

I'll tell you...careless comments, that's what.

Who would have guessed?

I try to keep my 'grammar nazi-ish' tendencies in check, really I do. While I can't help noticing mangled and hemorrhaging English usage at every turn, I try to avert my eyes and pass on, pausing only to assist those I know and love or those who call out for help.

But occasionally I forget myself. In an unguarded moment, when challenged to spot a typo, I carelessly admitted to noticing such things. I blame it on a natural love of words and past training/employment. I try to keep it hidden, squelching the urge to leave red notations in my wake (except for my children's writing, that is).

But that's all it took. One thoughtless comment...and now look what's happened. I've been gleefully claimed as a personal "Grammar Nazi!"

Now everyone is going to be reading her blog, eyes on the sharp lookout for mistakes. And I shall be found wanting in my titled role, revealed as a rank amateur grammarian before the entire www community...Bill Gates and everybody!

Even worse, my
own writing will be subjected to greater scrutiny. People will come here expecting to find all my i's dotted and my t's crossed. Boy! are they in for a surprise! They'll find posts riddled with errors that any self-respecting Grammar Nazi would never allow...tense changes, mixed metaphors, dangling participles, you name it.

Stuff happens.

Typing fast and not bothering to proof my musings is partly to blame. Worse yet, sometimes after polishing a portion I totally miss some glaring error - like verb/noun agreement. Hey, it worked perfectly in the original draft...I just forgot to check far enough back is all. An honest mistake...could happen to anyone, right? While I can give all sorts of reasoned excuses, I'm downright embarrassed by the number of typos and errors that somehow manage to slip into my posts and comments. The little buggers just leap in! Honest!

So I have two choices: become uptight and paranoid about my future postings for fear of revealing my own ineptitude through countless mistakes, or lightheartedly pooh-pooh my newly acquired 'honors'.

I choose the latter.

Pshaw, I my very best 'Bertie Wooster' imitation.

What's more, I offer this meek disclaimer: I
really only admitted to grammar nazi-ish tendencies. What unnamed persons read into innocent, unguarded comments really isn't MY responsibility, right? While it's true that I did offer to help out, the person claiming me has little need of my vastly over-rated skills. Her blog is a treat, with well-turned phrases and insightful observations. (An occasional error pops up, but I suspect she's afflicted with the same little leapers that plague me.) I go there for an enjoyable read, not to work! Besides, I rarely carry a red pen when I am going to be nine miles from anything.


Am I off the hook now?

I didn't think so.



...where did I put my red pen?

[Thanks for the honor, Suzanne....I'm delighted and highly amused!]


Suzanne said...

Paula, you are perfect for the job! Don't worry, you can be assured that if you make a mistake on your own blog 99.9% of the general public will not notice.

There's several things to consider:
- This is a fast media. Ideas and words flow very fast across the internet. Unlike traditional publishing which includes an element of time which allows for correcting and polishing.
- People are reading for content and if you're fascinating their attention will be on the subject matter and not the delivery cart.

Having said all that it is important to uphold language and grammar or we will slide into a messy language soup! Now if we could do something about these increasing difficult word verifications!!

I'm very glad you've accepted this responsibility.


Rhondi said...

Hi Paula
My cousin and her family liked to sit at the breakfast table and find grammatical errors in the morning newspaper. Even more than that they loved it when the English teacher sent home a note to the parents with errors in grammar!
Hope you enjoy your day.
Rhondi xo

Paula Bauer said...

Rhondi - it is always fun to discover errors by the 'experts', isn't it? That is why I accepted Suzanne's appointment with fear and trembling, 'cuz I certainly don't feel like any expert - just a bit persnickety about things like spelling, punctuation and basic sentence structure! LOL

Suzanne - looks like I have to make sure that when I do blog, I have something of high interest to share in order to keep the focus away from my errors!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hi Paula...

Indeed I am just popping in to say thank you for your visits! Much appreciated and especially after my yanking your chain the other day at Suzanne's. ;>

Anyway, I certainly hope that you can keep that one on the straight and narrow!

I love to see what you are working on. Quilling is something that I have often admired and wondered about. Wish that I lived a lot closer!

lifeinredshoes said...

It's you! You are The Grammar Nazi!!!!