Saturday, May 24, 2008

My First Etsy Treasury!

Until now, I have resisted 'treasury fever' at Etsy. But this morning I was in the right place at the right time, and I got one! Click on the pic above to see it all.

This is a selection of tea-time lovelies, mostly from my new team -- Cottage Style Street Team.
Find more tea-licious cottage/vintage goodness at Etsy by typing CSSTeam in the search box.

I'd appreciate any 'love' given to these tea-time treasures. Stop on by and leave a friendly comment!

And don't forget to search Esty for my other awesome team... SHEteam...loads of talented ladies with a wonderful selection of hand-made, quality gifts and items. Check out the thumbnails on the right side bar! ------>

EDIT 5/26/08: Well- it has expired - short-lived but exciting. I made it to the first page, and was within 6 from the top before sliding back to #10 position. Still, not bad for my first treasury. Thanks to everyone who came, clicked and commented! If I do another, my goal will be to get picked for Etsy front page...who DOESN'T want that honor for his/her treasury?!


Stefani said...

A lovely treasury! Congratulations!!

The Catnap Cottage said...

Thanks for including my pillow in your treasury - It is a wonderul treasury! Cindy

lifeinredshoes said...

They are all lovely! So, how does this work? Did you buy these things? And thank you for the comments on my site, it's nice to know that someone out there is reading!

GemStateMom said...

Stefani and Cindy - thanks for stopping by and for viewing the treasury!

RedShoes - I didn't buy the items. I simply selected things to match a theme. The treasury creator is called the 'curator' -- and works much the same way that an art gallery curator does, selecting things for display or special shows that fit into the theme or categories he/she wants to highlight. All the items are for sale, so it gives these shops some extra exposure. And, the more visits and the more that people 'click' on the item pictures to see an item listing, the better chance the treasury will be featured on Etsy homepage. Now THAT is a big deal!

A person's visit and clicks only count once, so there is no 'padding' the results by having 5 friends each visit 20 times to get the numbers up there.

That's why I appreciate everyone's visit and clicks!

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate those who visit and take time to comment and interact!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Paula, I love the ETSY treasury. I've been in them but never have created them. They are so much fun. I make a little time each morning, while I have some tea, to check through the treasury.

GemStateMom said...

thanks Ruth, it was a treat to do...I can understand why people love to create them.

Congrats on being selected to be in some! That has happened to me only a couple of times, and it has been from people on my Etsy teams. I have yet to be selected out of the blue.