Thursday, June 5, 2008

Call me crazy

Yep....I did it.

I rode Tremors at Silverwood Theme Park....

...and live to tell of it.

This famous wooden coaster actually descends below ground, giving the convincing impression that not only are you going to die on this thing, you'll be buried immediately! But no, you emerge into the bright light (no, not THAT light) to experience this pseudo near-death experience multiple times at 65 mph with people screaming all around you. Here, watch this for a little taste:

I did manage to peel my fingers off the hold bar in front and lift my hands above my head, but the impression that your hands will smack the top of the tunnel gaping wide to swallow you down was too great to overcome; I pulled my hands down for the tunnels!

Yes, it was a rush, and I'm glad I went. I had to keep my older Little company, right?

The pic in upper left corner is my favorite son...the one near center with long arms, throwing his head back with maniacal laughter while riding the other wooden roller coaster called "Timber Terror".

My eldest says I look scared in the duh! (The camera doesn't lie.)
Well, not exactly scared, but certainly nervous about that first plunge.

Still, it could have been could have been a cliff!

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