Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Christmas Treasury

I was on at the right time last night. I haven't been there for many weeks, but was able to procure a treasury! As you can see from the small screenshot, it highlights renderings of the birth of Christ.

For those readers not familiar with Etsy treasuries, they are an opportunity for members to 'curate' a page with 12 windows. You can select anything that is listed on Etsy--either a theme, a color or some other common factor, or randomly list your favorite things. They are much-sought and difficult to get! Treasuries are then ranked by the number of visits, the number of 'clicks' (when individual squares are clicked on to read an item description or see a larger view) and comments. I'm on page 15 now out of 22. I would love to see this treasury make it to page 1.

All visits help move it along and I'd sure appreciate some 'treasury love' from my blog readers.
(You have to be a member of Etsy and logged in if you want to leave a comment, but anyone can visit without registering on the site.)

I am not listed in the treasury, so this is not self-promotion...I just wanted to highlight a number of artists who have skillfully depicted baby Jesus - in the spirit of the Christmas season.

Thanks for your help!

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Ruth Welter said...

Hi Paula, this is a beautiful treasury...I love it. Love etsy too...such a fun site.

Happy holidays to you and your family. all the best in the new year.