Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a difference a day makes

(click the play button for a little flood-themed blues!)

sing it, Stevie's flooding up in Idaho, too!

Okay, show of hands - be honest now!

How many thought I was indulging in a little over-dramatization yesterday?

Are you ready for today's photos?

Just to refresh your memories - this was yesterday.

And this is just 24 hours later:

(Notice my Lincoln perched near the end of the driveway? )

Remember the stump in front of my rock garden?
('What rock garden?', you say)

Now look at it!

Here's what it looks like at the culvert opening on the east side of the drive,
compared to yesterday at this time:

This is looking east while standing near the waterfall. I won't be able to stand here again to snap pictures because I suspect it will be totally underwater.

We'll see what tomorrow brings after today's temps in the high 40's - mid 50's and intermittent rain.

Now imagine dozens and dozens of creeks like little Four Mile Creek above, spilling their banks and rushing into larger rivers, and you understand what we are facing.

Yep - flooding seems inevitable. The only question is... how bad will it be this year?

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