Thursday, January 8, 2009

A River Runs Through It

True, 'tis a far cry from The Big Muddy (aka the Mississippi River -- or for some, the Missouri River) so I dubbed this the Micro Muddy.

Here's the less dramatic version of the uncropped photo.

This is the east edge of our front yard.
If you have been visiting 'Twirl' this past year, you know our family collectively invested hundreds of hours in the yard last spring and summer to prepare for our daughter's wedding reception.

Looks like we will have to re-invest again this year. This area is going to be a big mudflow-y mess.

Here's my rock garden as of 9 am on 1/8/09
The snow is dissolving before our eyes.

Here's another view of the Micro Muddy emptying into Four Mile Creek.

The creek is lower than yesterday, though the volume of water running through it is greater. Much of the snow clogging the creek bed has washed out or melted. The water level was up to the top of our culvert yesterday. You can see it is at least 6" lower today.

Here is the waterfall today:

As predicted, the area marked by the red x was under water at some point yesterday afternoon or evening, signified by the tell-tale signs of water flow over the grass.

We even have whitewater...caused by a small wooden footbridge that is completely submerged.

Hey! Wait a's the footbridge, washed down and snagged on the other side of the waterfall.

Now I'm really curious to know what's causing the whitewater, but doggone if I am wading in to find out! Brrrr! [EDIT: Annie patiently reminded me that the kidlets placed a second bridge below the apparently the other bridge is still in place and is the cause of the commotion upstream after all. Glad that mystery is solved.]

This is the view of the creek in the pasture....yes, that's right, what pasture?!

As an aside, I grew up in Bemidji, Minnesota, just 40 miles from the headwaters of the Mississippi River located in Itasca State Park. [Bonus trivia fact and Latin lesson of the day: "Itasca" is derived from veritas ("truth") and caput ("head"). You never know when you might need this little tidbit, so tuck it away safely, okay?]

My kids had great fun telling friends that they walked all the way across the mighty Mississippi River. Far-fetched - downright impossible if one has this picture in mind.

(photo courtesy of Amy Kuck via stock.xchang)

Not nearly so impressive when you see reality.
Eldest and Favorite Son circa 1996, wading across 'the Mighty Mississippi'.
This picture makes me smile and snort at the same time. As one might imagine, this is a huge tourist attraction.

Have any of my visitors and blog stalkers likewise managed this 'daring' feat? I'm sure many of you adventurers could even top it.
Go ahead...make my day.


Diana Moses Botkin said...

So sorry to read about your poor lawn and rock garden!

This sure is a crazy winter so far.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Paula, I loved your photos...seeing snow though, makes me long for spring. It cannot come fas enough for me. : ) Stay warm.


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Paula
Thanks for visiting me.
Your weather sounds very chilly to say the least, what a shame about your hard work in the garden

I've had an enjoyable time reading up on your adventures

Linda said...

Oh my! Where in Idaho IS this? We've been in Calif. for 4 weeks and now I'm wondering if our hillside has washed away.

Rosie said...

Hello duck, how's things? Wet looking at your post, oh well mother nature can be right cow sometimes!
Black dog sent to his kennel I hope? Hope the kids and John are ok. Dan is huge, towers over me, but I keep telling him I will always be taller than him! LOL Will try and catch you on MSN. Miss you too.
Rosie xx

The Catnap Cottage said...

Wow - looks like yall are making the best of it and there is no chance of a drought. We have been in a drought here for years with water restrictions. It has rained a lot so far this winter, even got a tiny sprinkling of snow yesterday. Too bad you cannot capitalize on that, maybe go into the water business or something...filter it out and ship it in bottles! Take care and stay dry!! :-) Cindy

Vee said...

Oh my goodness...I hope that this situation is long resolved.

Love that last photo of the children crossing the Mighty Mississipp...

Sonya said...

Hi Paula,

I greive for your beautiful yard! And yes I also braved the Mighty Mississippi, at the headwaters in 2004 and have the pictures to prove it! lol! I loved the area and took another picture by Babe! I haven't gotten to return though:(. I hope things are going better for you. Thanks for dropping by my blog.