Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Blogger!

For those interested in paper filigree and paper arts in general, great news....Ann Martin has joined the ranks of bloggers!

From Give It A Twirl

Besides being a very accomplished paper filigree artist, Ann's card designs have been published in a number of popular card-making magazines and a soon-to-be-available book by Tanya Fox (mentioned in previous post). She's been featured in a short segment on a HGTV show (I forgot which one) as well as having her work on exhibit at the Brandywine Museum in Chadds Ford, PA.

She has an affinity for all paper arts but is interested in 'the arts' in general, has a number of favorite vocal artists she has followed for years, is interested in fashions, dancing, cinema, theater, literature, new trends, etc. She has a practiced eye for balance and form, and a minimalistic style that I find very appealing.

Because her interests are so wide and varied, she is a delightful conversationalist (even via IM!). She has shared links to her internet 'finds' for years and has sent me to some very amazing artists and places.

I am expecting the same sort of inspiration and sense of 'joy in discovery' on her blog and urge readers to pop right over for a visit. Just click on her name under "Paper Filigree Artists" on the right sidebar.


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Paula; Wow her blog sounds really great, I am going to pop on over. thanks for letting us know about her.... Have a great week.


Paula B. - GemStateMom said...

So glad you stopped by for a visit and went over to meet Ann.

Comin' over to see what you've been up to these past weeks!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Paula,

Thank you for sharing the info about your quilling friend..such a beautiful art form, I will have to go and visit her.

I hope you will be showing the world your beautiful Dendrobium orchid when you are done with your quilling work on it. I look forward to it.

As for me I'm in the middle of painting a phalaenopsis orchid at the moment and am showing the steps of the painting as it progresses. I've been on a real orchid kick...sounds like you are too. Happy Spring.


Charli said...

I'm so happy that Ann has decided to share her wisdom with us. Paula I wanted to let you know we've done a review on your blog and it should be posted tonight. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...