Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Books!

My creative endeavors have been placed on the back burner for several months now.

But, like the green shoots poking up in my flower beds, my creative side is beginning to stir and awaken.

Part of that is due to the sunshine of inspiration, in the form of two new books on card making. Oh my! (I can't bring myself to type the cliche that comes to mind, so I made a graphic instead...can you figure it out?)

So which books have my creative muse a-tremble?

10-Minute Cards to Give and Share

Both books are edited by Tanya Fox and has she ever put together a great selection of card designs!
A number of the 10-minute cards would require longer if you have to make some of the elements at the same time. Many use pre-created pieces. Still great, great layout designs and ideas.

I especially love the sketchbook ideas as she takes a card 'sketch' -- which is basically a line-drawn layout pattern as shown on the cover. But she shows 4 or 5 different cards. It is amazing how different colors, embellishments and fonts can take the very same layout and make it sooo different. Each card takes on a totally different personality.

Sometimes more time is invested in finding a pleasing layout than in creating the actual paper filigree elements used in a paper filigree card. I fiddle and fuss, trying to find a layout that suits my mood or the purpose of the card.

But no more!

Thanks, Tanya Fox, for some great resources.

And BTW, those in the quilling world will probably recognize the name of Ann Martin. I did a feature on Ann and her beautiful paper filigree art that was part of a special exhibition at the Brandywine Museum last year (check the archives for the feature.) Ann is a contributor in Tanya's upcoming book titled "Quill It Easy." It is from Annie's Attic (you can even download it instantly). Isn't that exciting? (other major book dealers have still have it listed for pre-order).
(photo from Annie's Attic)

I'm thinking I'd better get Ann's autograph soon! She's making a small dent in the art world with her paper filigree skill. And she creates the most beautiful jewelry --you'd never guess it was fashioned from paper! What a gifted artist and a dear friend. Isn't it lovely to see people you have known for years published in books and magazines? I find it incredibly thrilling and satisfying and am so glad to see her gain some much-deserved recognition and kudos. Hats off to you, Ann!

Oh yeah, the answer to my graphic riddle: "So many cards, so little time." See, it was more interesting in graphic form, wasn't it?


Sonya said...

Paula, I was just looking at the card sketch book and thinking about getting it! I need all the help I can get in that area! Thanks for letting us know about the new quilling book! I think I will wait to get the hard copy,(I'm a tactile person) I like to sit and think about the possibilities contained within them! I'd love to see what you create.

Ann Martin said...

Thanks Paula; you are sweet. I'm so glad the new books are helping you to feel creative again - can't wait to see what you make.

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