Monday, November 16, 2009

Big bad wolf

Think Idaho might have a wolf problem?

I don't have any credit info to give - this photo was recently sent to me and I am trying to track down info.
I was told it was bagged near Clarkia, Idaho and the hunter is 6'5"

That is a huge'd you like this monster roaming nearby where your young children....or not so young...are playing near the edges of your property?

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Stefani said...

Wow, that is one big animal! We have the occasional coyote here and every one I've seen is scrawny and bedraggled. They still scare me but not like this dude. Look at that tail!

Sonya said...

That is one big dog!I wouldn't want to meet him in the dark woods!

Rhonda Moon said...

No I would not like to see him in my backyard. However, such a beautiful animal.

LearnHowToMakeBows said...

Oh my I hope this is just a really good Photoshopped image! That is reminds me of "New Moon" movie with those large wolves!!



文章 said...
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Anonymous said...

the thought of this magnificent beast being needlessly and brutally slaughtered to gratify the ego of anyone, truly apalls and sickens me. Get in the world mate, leave the guns behind.

Paula B. - GemStateMom said...

This alien, invasive species known as the Canadian wolf, has devastated Idaho's wildlife and is wreaking havoc on ranchers' livelihood.

Worse, this wolf species - not previously known in Idaho's eco-system, was introducing carrying a parasite that is impacting both wild animals and domestic cattle herds. Yes, the Fish and Game authorities were aware of it. Yes, they tell us they vaccinated the animals before release. What they forget to mention is the vaccine was known to be largely ineffective against the parasite.

This parasite is also infecting people, it is called hydatid disease, and it is nothing to mess around with. Those who enjoy hiking and camping in Idaho's wilderness area are exposed to this parasite through wolf scat, and the parasite remains viable for many seasons.

Finally, these fearsome predators are beginning to stalk children playing at bus stops in rural areas of Idaho. Personally, I'd rather take measures now to stop their explosive growth rather than wait until some child loses his/her life in the jaws of a wolf. They are showing less and less fear of people and in the Sun Valley area, the wolves actually pursue their prey right into neighborhoods!

Idaho is willing to ship wolves to any state in the union who would like to 'protect' them. So far, no takers. Hmmm....I wonder why.

Lastly, a well-placed shot is not 'brutally slaughtered'. It is always interesting to me that those who argue for mercy for this destructive beast demonstrate no compassion for helpless animals that are the victims of brutal and senseless 'sport kills' that wolves are known for...not killing for food but merely for the sheer pleasure of killing. "Brutally slaughtered" is having a wolf gnawing at your innards while you still live.

So to my anonymous commenter, I end with this observation: It is always easy to sit in judgment on an issue that does not impact your life and livelihood in any way, but for the people of Idaho, the wolf is a serious issue requiring immediate action.

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manu said...

the bad wolf....bad man you can say. why the wolf is called BAD? isn't bad the hunter that catch him?? the men have invaded their rural areas ...
i'm sorry my english is not good but i cam understand and i hope that is a great lie

Paula B. - GemStateMom said...

Thanks for your visit and for your comment. It seems you have not studied the wolf issue in Idaho!

These monsters are not a native species. They were introduced by the federal government against the state of Idaho's wishes and against the will of the people of Idaho. The Canadian wolf is an invasive, alien species to this region. Because they are so much larger than our native wolf, they have eliminated the remaining few Idaho grey wolves that existed. Now they are devastating our elk and moose herds, with 'sport killing' when they don't even eat the animals, they just kill out of blood lust. They are destroying our ranching industry and infecting people, domestic animals and wildlife with a parasite that they carried when they were unlawfully injected into our eco-system, which the federal gov't knew about and supposedly vaccinated the released wolves - only they failed to mention that the vaccination was known to be ineffective. Hydatid disease is a serious affliction with no cure, causing parasites to attack liver, heart, lungs and brain.

These wolves have no natural predator in our state. In addition, because game is plentiful and habitat so mild compared to their native Canadian habitat, they are reproducing at a much higher rate. In fact, I was recently told that both the alpha pair AND the beta pair are reproducing. This is generally unheard of because the pack cannot support so many young in their natural habitat.

The state, recognizing the problem, has authorized hunting against these fierce predators, and good thing, as there are reports in our rural areas that wolves have been stalking (observing) children at bus stops. But the kill rate is far below what is required to manage the wolf packs.

The rural areas were not 'invaded' by men....these wolves were planted here and have invaded and are threatening our rural way of life.

I encourage you to study the issue further.

Will Webbyte said...

This wolf is abnormal. Wolves try to avoid man.

This wolf seems adnormally large for even Canadian wolves or North American timber wolves.

I wonder if these are engineered wolves? There is some animal engineering going on in the world. That is why I asked. Canadian wild wolf looks nothing like this.

Anonymous said...

What you said about the wolf seems right in every way. It is very sad when they attack children and leave them mutilated. I feel for both the wolf and the people who die because of them.

I hope that the gentleman who killed this wolf did so because it could be a threat and not just for the sheer pleasure of hunting. None the less, The Lord takes care of all his creations... CML

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately wolves don't know where the Canadian American border is. They breed and spread like all other dog groups, excelling when the food sources are high, and decreasing when it is low. Only the strong survive. Hunting species into extinction isn't the answer either. They all have a right to survive. And it looks like he is in the middle of the forest from this pic...

Wendy Watts said...

Wolves have their good and bad points. They do go after lame or diseased deer, elk etc which means the herd becomes stronger. They do not kill indiscriminately like we humans seem to. We believe we are superior and have the right to murder animals which someday we are going to pay for.
Destroy the wolves and some will be nattering about the overpopulation of elk, deer, etc etc. Vicious circle. And please don't tell me about native species because we white, black , yellow people are not native species in North America either. Native Americans are. :)