Tuesday, November 24, 2009

all pied out


We baked 8 pies on Saturday for a fund-raising dinner.

The girls and I baked another 14 today - 10 that were auctioned off in pairs at the previously mentioned dinner. Here are the last 4 that need to be delivered.

I love making pies.

Well....I used to, anyway.

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The Catnap Cottage said...

Those are about the best looking pies I have ever seen and I bet they are equally delicious! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sonya said...

What beautiful pies! I wish I lived closer I would have tried for one! Happy Thanksgiving!

WV: brhasp - sounds like the sound you would make after making that many pies!

Anonymous said...


Markiesnana said...

Beautiful pies!

Marijke said...

These look amazing! I have never made a pie but always wanted to. Where did you get your recipe?

盧廣仲Sam said...
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Gracesworld said...

Wow. there really cool :) what are the little decorations on the top made out of? the little apples and things?
there really sweet youve inspired me to make a pie now :)

Paula B. - GemStateMom said...

Thanks for the visit!
The apples and leaves are made from pie crust. I use cookie cutters to cut them out, then paint them using food colors. Wilton paste colors give a more vibrant color than typical food color drops from the grocery store.

The leaves are shaped by placing over crumpled up aluminum foil and then baked.

Hope that answers your questions!
I have to bake a pie for Father's Day pie buffet at church on Sunday. Have to decide on apple or peach.

Sherman Unkefer said...

Those are the most delightful pies I've ever seen! Looks yummy too!